Prestonpans Infant School – school visit


I’m just getting round to completing some posts about recent visits to schools. Part of the delay was connected to the problem of uploading some photographs from my phone to the web.

The above photograph shows a P3 pupil using numbers to complete a mental paths challenge.  Each child has a set of numbers in front to them which they must use to answer mental maths questions from their teacher. The teacher would ask a question, such as – 6 less than 32. – they then held up a 2 and a 6 in one hand. The speed at which they worked and the degree of participation and lack of following others was remarkable – I couldn’t keep up!!

I then came across an interesting writing lesson with P1’s where they were writing letters – I’d never the seen the technique of some parts of letters being underground or in ther sky – the teacher had picked this up from

Prestonpans Infant School is also doing some really exciting work in relation to Learning Stories where teachers are taking a lead role in reflecting upon their practice and encouraging children from a very young age to explore how they learn and to reflect upon their learning process.  What struck me most about my visit to the school was the sense that here is a place which is comfortable with examining their practice.  I look forward to coming back very soon.

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