Intellectual chat – (Mark Walker is in the centre of the photo)

I received an unexpected, yet very welcome, comment on my Log today from someone I’d met at Harvard in the summer (had I mentioned I’d been in Harvard?)

Mark Walker and I had I struck up a mutually abusive friendship during the course which our American hosts couldn’t quite understand – how could two people who had never met before be so rude to each other? For an Australian he was a decent enough chap! – if a bit “dull” – yet the Scots and the Aussie groups formed an formidable alliance.

It’s one of the joys of keeping a blog that people can keep track of each other and I’m looking forward to reading Mark’s own version when he sets it up – that is assuming he can master the technology and manage to write – two significant feats for an Australian!

2 thoughts on “G’Day

  1. This reminds me of when I first got to know my husband-to-be’s family. They were all so nice to each other. In my family we spend a large proportion of our time together insulting each other and I couldn’t quite handle all that saccharine niceness! I like to think that I’ve brought my own brand of abuse to proceedings now, though.

  2. Don
    I have just published a poem from Lynette who was at Harvard with us that brought back many fond memories:www.mwalker.com.au.
    I found this post from you about Harvard and thought a response was required from the “dull” Aussie. Now that the technology and writing voice has been found its time for some abuse:…… no really I still remember my opening introduction to you “Tis Don Tis Good” [a line from the Don Smallgoods factory in Australia] whilst you were holding court at the bar. Your reply about smallgoods .. well.. its no wonder some of our American colleagues just stood there … puzzled! Looking forward to seeing Doug next week. We are going to the Carlton v Collingwood footy game at the MCG which is like your rangers v celtics game – old rivals to say the least. Will be in touch.

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