Seven Sides of Educational leadership – seminar

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I’ve been invited to lead two seminars on the Seven Sides of Educational Leadership at the Association of Headteachers and Deputes Scotland national conference this Friday.  Here’s an outline of what I might be doing. Learning Intention – We are going to learn how to use the seven sides of educational leadership to help us develop change strategies in our own working environments.

 Success criteria –  

  1. We will explore how metaphor can be used to represent change theories
  2. We will develop an understanding of how the various metaphors used in the seven sides of educational leadership relate to a particular type of educational leadership and culture
  3. We will examine a change strategy we have embarked upon in the past or present and use the seven sides to identify how we might develop our strategy
  4. We will identify which of the metaphors we are most at ease with and examine how we might make more use of other approaches
  5. We will discuss and shape the development of the seven sides approach.

Learning tasks

Part 1 – metaphors for school cultures

Think of three schools that you have worked in – identify a metaphor for each of the school cultures eg “It was a fortress”

Share these metaphors with a partner.

Share these with then group.

Are there any common metaphors?

Why did you use different metaphors for each school – what made the school like that?

Part 2 – metaphors for leadership approaches

Come up with a metaphor for your own behaviour as leader in your own school-“ I am the ………………………..”

Share your metaphor with a different partner.

Share these metaphors with the group.

What does that metaphor tell you about your leadership approach?

Part 3 –multiple metaphors and different leadership cultures

Why multiple metaphors?

Explore alternative metaphors and how these change the overall culture – Maggie Thatcher;  Tesco; Virgin

Part 4 – introducing the Seven Sides – photographs to lead into explanation = no detailed text

I will provide an example of a change strategy in Eat Lothian referring to the seven sides.

Part 5 –  developing a change strategy to suit your circumstances

Think of a task you are currently engaged in at your school.

Use the seven sides to shade in the amount of focus any aspect requires now in order to move it forwards.

Take another seven sides and shade it in assuming that this stage has been successful and you are 12 months on.

Discuss people’s strategies

Part 6 – refine the seven sides of educational leadership – challenge, suggest and discount elements or all of the proposed approach  


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  2. This looks like an excellent seminar. I have always enjoyed using metaphors in training and teaching and have found inspiration from authors like Gareth Morgan. His book Imaginization, New Mindsets for Seeing, Organizing, and Managing has some great sections on discovering and embedding new mindsets in organisations. This can help with sytems thinking and draw out new strategies by the use of creative metaphors. There is a high usage of metaphors in outdoor education e.g. in reviewing learning.

    I enjoyed a session once (Inspired by Pedler and Aspinwall’s The concise guide to the Learning Organisation)which asked delegates to decribe/act out where their organisation was now by describing your organisation as a living person i.e. from infant to old man/woman i.e. is it an organisation in its youth(teenager for example) and bustling with ideas,a bit akward going through change but not sure where to go or an old man set in its ways, business as usual, trundling along etc..(and all the stages of life in between). That particular session lasted several hours from the discussion that arose! Your metaphors for school cultures reminds me of this and it would be interesting to be a fly on the wall.It will certainly promote a lot of discussion

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