Pain in the back….!

A week past Saturday we were leaving a friend’s house to go out for the evening (honest) when I slipped (new shoes) going down some steps and landed on on my back.  Luckily there were no bones broken but I’ve damaged some muscles in my lower back.

It must be something to do with being a man but I’ve been pretty sorry for myself ever since.  It came to a head today when I had to take a taxi 300 metres to pick up my car after a meeting in Edinburgh. I’ve been signed off for the week and hopefully it will clear up a bit quicker than that. Apologies if you were expecting to see me this week.

I’ll be working from home so I might get some work done that I can never get near when in the office.

6 thoughts on “Pain in the back….!

  1. Key question is, though – how is your drinking arm?

    If you fancy a pint (after the working day of course) I’ll happily come and give you a lift to Lauder and back. I’m at home all this week apart from Thursday, and possibly next week too.

  2. Wishing you a speedy recovery Don…

    Take the time that is required. Too many people force themselves back to work before they are medically fit…

    It means a longer recovery time and is not of use to them or their colleagues.


  3. Too old, this is what happens to broken down wingers who do not look after themselves!
    Take care, speedy recovery

  4. you taught me at ehs and i always looked up to you as did manyothers . great teacher !

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