Guilt at missing work was compounded this week by having to pull out of an important public meeting scheduled for this Thursday evening in Dunbar to discuss the plans for the new primary school provision.

I’d been e-mailed last week by a parent who’d read that I was off work and I’d assured them that I would have recovered in time to attend the event.  Here I am four days on and it’s obvious that my optimism was misplaced.  Given that I was going to be responsible for 75% of the information I was left with the unfortunate reality of having to cancel the event. 

We will be putting a newsletter together to go out to parents and the public next week and will reschedule the public meeting once we can co-ordinate diaries next week.

Given my commitment to meet the needs of parents and communities I can’t help but feel that I’ve let them down. Sorry.

2 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. 🙂

    There’s a post on the Dunbar website asking if the report will be available to parents of children who will eventually be going to the school etc. One person’s asking if it can be placed on the Dunbar site itself.

    There is a thread there of the usual things people go on about, might be an interesting read??


    You may need to register on the site though to read these.

  2. We will circulate the report to as wide an audience as possible. It will be posted on the school’s website and council’s site but I’d be more than happy for it to go on the Dunbar website. I’ll log onto the Dunbar site later and take look at the comments and queries.

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