Back to work

I get back to work tomorrow after nearly a fortnight off due a back injury. It’s been the longest period off work I’ve ever had – I think the previous record was a couple of days with flu (and not just man flu!)

On reflection I think I was quite lucky that when I fell I didn’t do any lasting damage – it’s frightening to think that just a few inches can make the difference between a bruise and a wheelchair.

I’m looking forward to getting back and hope I can get up to speed fairly quickly. Thanks to all  my colleagues who have wished me well – particularly my secondary head teacher friends who sent me a lovely bottle of Shiraz – very nice!

3 thoughts on “Back to work

  1. Lot’s of sympathy as I’m off at the moment with back problems, an instant way to feel decrepit. The positive is I can do some catching up & research.

    Hope things get going again well.


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