Extending Learning

I visited Aberlady Primary School last week and came across an intersting development in association with North Berwick High School.

A group of P7 children who are working at Level E were needing more challenging tasks.  The teacher contacted the secondary school and they discussed Level F work.  Following discussion they decided to explore some project work which would consolidate some of the children’s existing skills and knowledge.

The task they set the children was to draw scale map of the entire school and school grounds – they had to solve problems relating to measuring distances, angles and areas.

The quality of their work was astounding and allied to huge levels of motivation they worked together in a very positive manner.

Just to test their accuracy I asked them to estimate how far I had walked from the headteacher’s office to their classroom using the drawings – they estimated and then checked using a trundle wheel – they were only 1.5 metres out.  From my recent experience working with some building companies (who shall remain nameless) such accuracy would be a rare thing. This was definitely A Curriculum for Excellence in action – amazing!

If you want to find out more contact Susan MacKay at Aberlady or Simon Smith at North Berwick HIgh School.