Leaders of Learning Network

I attended the fourth Leaders of Learning Network meeting in Musselburgh this week.

These meetings are an opportunity for members of staff who do not hold promoted positions to contribute their own ideas towards the development of education in East Lothian and to have direct access to the Head of Education about any matters of concern.

The meeting went very well – perhaps due to the fact that the entire agenda was driven by the group who came up with items with a “talking partner”. The items were as follows:

Finding out more about learning and teaching in primary schools – this is without doubt the single most recurring item I hear from secondary teachers.

What’s happening with GLOW?

Who decides the management structure in a secondary school?

Is it possible for non-promoted teachers to be given more responsibility for leading initiatives in the department and the school?

How could we make better use of CPD sessions planned for Friday afternoons?

How do we promote networking between teachers from different schools within a cluster?

How do we prevent primary teachers from becoming deskilled now they don’t stay in the class with specialist teachers, e.g PE?

Why can’t we develop children’s typing skills and make touch typing as important as the ability to write legibly?

We went through all of these items and such a discussion can significantly help us to shape strategy. we explored the possibility of having a Leaders of Learning Conference on a Saturday morning to develop our network – would people come to such an event?