A wee night in with the lads

I got caught out tonight by my youngest son (17) who asked me if he could have some of his friends round on Friday night for a “wee night”.  I thought I was being funny when I asked why he wasn’t having a “big night in?”.

He looked at me with pity as only 17 year old sons can do and spoke slowly and carefully – “no dad a wii night in” as he shook the controller.

2 thoughts on “A wee night in with the lads

  1. Don
    The wii generation is spreading its wings with Santa about to visit a house in Australia and leave one under a Christmas tree for a 14 year old I know very very well.

  2. If only I’d listened to my now 16 yo. He told us, way back in the days before the wii, to buy Nintendo stock. He’d been reading about it in his Nintendo Power magazine for ages and we nodded and smiled and thought how cute it was that he was taken in by their magazine as advertising.

    Now he tells us the sales figures every month. He’s kind enough to tell us about the stock price less frequently.

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