On the treadmill….

Now I know men aren’t good at multi-tasking but over the last few days I’ve managed – for the first time – to be able to combine two things at once in a relatively productive manner.

As readers of this log will know I’d been off work earlier this month with a back injury. Exercise has been impossible but I didn’t lose my appetite – result 10 lbs additional weight.

My solution has been to get onto the treadmill in our garage – the question was how do I do that and still get through the bagful of work I take home? – answer – I’ve set a plank on the front of the machine and then hook up my laptop wirelessly.

I’m writing this entry 5 km and 40mins later.  I remember that they used to say that a former president couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time – well I can walk and type at the same time ( there’s hope yet for us men!)

Apologies if this post is sweat stained!

4 thoughts on “On the treadmill….

  1. I feel as if I am on a treadmill all day at work – last thing I want to do when I get home form work…..and I bet I am not the only ELC employee who feels that way.

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