OECD Report on Scottish Education

Apologies if I seem to be obsessed by OECD reports at the mooment but the recently published OECD Review of National Policies for Education – Quality and Equity of Schooling in Scotland is too important to ignore.

It’s very disappointing that the actual report is not freely available.  I’ve sent off for a copy and will review its findings on receipt.  One of the things I have learned over the last few weeks is that the analysis you read and hear in the media often miss out on some of the key messages.

The summary would seem to suggest that there  are some imperatives for change and I would probably agree with most of them .

Nevertheless, we should not ignore the opening statment in the OECD press release:

Scotland’s schools receive high marks in the latest OECD Review of National Policies for Education, which notes that Scotland has one of the most equitable and best performing education systems in OECD countries. 

2 thoughts on “OECD Report on Scottish Education

  1. Don – if you have paid for a copy you should now be able to download a PDF version from the OECD bookshop before your print copy arrives. I downloaded one this morning after paying for a copy.

    It’s an interesting report – much more interesting than the dry ‘diagnostic review’ that accompanied it. I hope to blog on some aspects of it too.

  2. Thanks, Don for highlighting the media spin on this-important and complex issues seldom suit a headline. How much to download?! I/we look forward to your review.

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