Big Picture


I know I’m guilty of talking to people about the “big picture” as if I expect them to have the same appreciation of what’s going on in education in East Lothian as I have. 

It was a bit like that today when I briefed the team at John Muir House about our Service Improvement Plan; the wider national a local context for change; and the values and principles which characterise our approach to education. 

The feedback has been very positive but it did strike me that there is a real need to continually provide people with the “big picture” – the fact that I am in a privileged position means that I engage with this wider view on a daily basis, this is not the case for others who have a more focused, yet just as demanding area of responsibility.  I see it as my job to try to make these links, and events like today need to be repeated more often. Perhaps there’s a lesson here for all leaders in the East Lothian education service?

Lynda Brady – as she often does! – made another good point when she suggested that there was also a need for opportunities for comments and opinions to flow in the other direction – we will try!

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  1. Have you seen the report issued by Highland Council – Delivering Integrated Services for Children – they are working to the themes you identified in your presentation – interesting to see the targets they have as some are similar to the ones being proposed for East Lothian.

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