A Warm and Fuzzy Tale

 HipwomanOnce upon a time I was told a story by Alastair Torrance – another of my former colleagues from Selkirk High School.  Alastair told me about A Warm and Fuzzy Tale – you need to read it! The basic idea is that we all have an endless supply of “Warm Fuzzies” to give to other people which make them feel warm and fuzzy. However, the reality is that some of our conditioning means we are happier giving out “cold pricklies” – which obviously make people feel cold and prickly.

And so it was on Friday that Stewart McKinnon passed on a “Warm Fuzzy” when he described his recent visit to Meadowpark Unit for children with severe and complex needs.  He was asking some parents about how they knew that their children enjoyed school, especially as some of them have very severe communication problems.  The answer was stunningly simple and yet so powerful:

“We have to hide their school clothes on Saturday or they will want to go to school”

Now that was a real warm fuzzy!!

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  1. Your link sent me on a long trail in which I revisited some partly-forgotten psychology and reminded myself of how important positive strokes are.
    Thanks once again Don, for your inspiration.

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