New York, New York……


Both of  our sons are heading off to Austrialia and New Zealand to play rugby this summer, before going on to university in the Autumn, so we have been looking for a family holiday before they set off.

The decision was sealed today and we’re off to New York next Thursday for a three night stay in that fantastic city.

Gill and I were there in the summer and loved it.

Excited?  You bet!!!

9 thoughts on “New York, New York……

  1. I am envious-we all went in October-ourboys (13 and 15) loved it, even (especially?) the shops, and we’d love to go back.
    What are your “must sees”? For us, just being there and taking it all in was great in itself! It’s the sheer vitality of the place that I found so stimulating.

  2. Where’s the image from? (You should link to the original page in Flickr – not just because it’s part of Flickr’s terms of service (personally, I couldn’t care) but to satisfy curious people like me who want to know who took the photo).

  3. Jim

    Thanks – our boys – 17 and 19 are just as excited.


    I took the photo in the summer. I’ll put up the link when I get home this evening.


  4. Don, is it true that you are only going to New York because we have a MGS Modern Studies trip to New York next week as well? Do you not think that you are taking classroom observation a bit far by following school groups around the world? 🙂

    Have a great trip.


    PS: the New York Blog is under construction here:

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