Which way next?

We are holding a Solution Focused Event on Tuesday to identify our next steps for the implementation of A Curriculum for Excellence (ACfE) in East Lothian.

The event will be attended by 30 of our Head Teachers and our Quality Improvement Team. The challenge we face is to come up with an action plan to implement over the next three years in relation to the P6 – S3 curriculum.

The session will run from 2.00-8.00 and will address the following:

Identify five measureable outcomes which we can use to judge the impact of ACfE, which we can use to lever change in the system over the next three years.

Consider the paper on “Revolution, not Evolution” – where we will identify our preferences for action.

Generate, through an Engine Room approach, five other actions not identified in the previous paper.

Select 10 priority action points for the next three years.

Organise the priority action points into a chronological order.

Pick three action points for the coming session and prepare a project plan for each over the next 12 months.