Oz Bound

Douglas, our eldest son, set off yesterday for Australia.  He’s going to be playing rugby in Nelson Bay, which is a couple of hours North of Sydney.

Douglas is on the right with his Granny and his brother Lewis.

We saw him off with mixed emotions – we won’t see him again for nearly five months but the opportunity is one that I would have given anything for at his age.

5 thoughts on “Oz Bound

  1. Hello Don – enjoying reading your blog.

    We went through similar emotions a couple of years ago when our daughter Mhairi went to France for 4 months to attend a lycee before going to university to study languages. Although she found being away from home difficult at first, the whole experience was a very positive one for her. It did a lot to help further her self-confidence and self-reliance and, in comparison, leaving home to go uni was much easier for her where she settled in very quickly. Although we missed her a lot, keeping in touch by email and phone helped to ease the ‘ache’ (and at times it really was a physical ache!)of her being away.

    I’m sure Douglas will have a great time and will return with a wider view of the world and some terrific memories and experiences under his belt.

    All the best to you and your family.

  2. Yes Don – the same guy. A bit older (just on the outside)and, hopefully, a wee bit wiser! Good to hear from you again.

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