“Scary” – me??

 Someone said to me today that some people found me scary. 

I laughed it off but it’s set me to wondering.

I really don’t like the idea that anyone would be put off coming to speak to me because they were scared. 

As ever Gill put it into context – “it depends what people mean by scary?”

4 thoughts on ““Scary” – me??

  1. If you look like the photo, then, yes! But maybe it’s that people are scared, not of you per se, but of the position and perceived level of “power” you have to change things?

  2. People think you’re scary because you’re not afraid to be honest. I get called scary most days!

  3. My experience of “you” is solely from online reading, and seeing you in the distance at Ewan’s all comers session at the SLF last year. If scary means awe-inspiring, because of your highly developed ability to describe insight and write perceptive commentary, then yes. But I really have the feeling of a very human face from your posts here so I wouldn’t use the word scary.

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