1000th Edubuzz Blog – opening a window


What is www.edubuzz.org?

Edubuzz.org is the blogging platform set up by East Lothian Council to open a window on our practice and create a networked learning community which extends beyond East Lothian.

Over the last two years Edubuzz has expanded and expanded, with over 250,000 visits in March – up 100% since the March 2007!

Much of this growth is due to the tirless work of David Gilmour – our Edubuzz co-ordinator.

I’ve copied David’s post about the establishment of the 1000th Edubuzz blog.  

Last week blog number 1000 was created for a P7 student at the small rural Innerwick Primary School.

It was part of a set of 7 for the P7 members of Lindy Lynn’s composite P4/5/6/7 class, reflecting the increasing use of blogs to provide web publishing tools to individual students. The blogs will be used by the P7s for a project to reflect on their time at Innerwick, and the group are full of ideas!

Staff are also talking about the possibility offered to get some collaborative work going with other feeder primaries in the Dunbar Grammar School cluster, with the aim of helping the children to get to know some other students who’ll be joining them at the much larger secondary after the summer.

In another sign of the times, due to staff pressures, the P7 group were trained in a 3-hour session, without their class teacher, in how to use the blogs, and – not surprisingly – picked it up very quickly. They’ll now be training their teacher, and supporting one another, to get started in the classroom.

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