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I watched one of my favourite films this evening. Kes made a big impact on me when I first saw this film as 13 year-old. I remember laughing and crying in equal measure and it's interesting to reflect upon how much it might have influenced me throughout my career.

As a former PE teacher and Head Teacher I'd like to think I didn't conform to these stereotypes - but perhaps I'm not best placed to judge.

2 thoughts on “Kes

  1. The PE teacher is still one of my “laugh out loud scenes” whenever I see it. I have t admit I did have an interesting PE teacher and he did have a negative effect, although he did stop short of pushing people out of the way on the pitch.

  2. Great movie and a fabulous clip.

    Made me wonder if children and young people have changed much since Kes. Maybe what has changed is the expectations that the school curriculum and assessment regime has of them?


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