Employability Index?

It was during a chat with Fiona Langskaill from Bridges Project that she showed me a document they had produced entitled “Bridges to Employability”.

In the document which isn’t avaiable on-line I came across a brilliant, yet simple (as brilliant ideas tend to be). idea. They have described an employability index ona six point scale and have identified criteria on a sliding scale where a 6 would indicate that a young person was very employable.

The thing I liked about this idea was it’s potential in relation to A Curriculum for Excellence, and More Choices More Chances.  What if a key purpose of the curriculum up to the age of 15, in addition to the traditional acquisition of knowledge, was to enable every young person to acheive level 6 in the employability rating?

I really believe this has the potential to help schools to redirect some of their current focus.

When I get back to work tomorrow I’ll try to give some more details but I just wanted to get the idea down before it escaped somewhere in my ever decreasing grey matter!

2 thoughts on “Employability Index?

  1. This sounds like an interesting concept. Higher Education is going through a phase of looking to ensure graduates are prepared for work. But I wonder what a level 6 citizen would look like or a level 0.

    Perhaps a level 0 citizen would likely become a NEET (not sure if I’m still allowed to use that term). With this acronym in mind I wonder does the scale reflect those who go on to education and training rather than employment. Does it rate/identify those who become self-employed, unemployed, or criminals.

    The assumption that all citizens will find a pathway into employment may undermine an open flexible curriculum. What about single mothers or teenage carers? How would the scale reflect their talents and suitability to do the job of parent/carer?

    Another question is does the index differentiate the skills/abilities for employing a shelf stacker and a quantum physicist?

    As I said an interesting concept…

  2. Kenneth

    Thanks for this. I’m not sure about labelling someone as level 0 citizen at the end of their school life – I reckon I might have scored very low on that when I left school.

    Yet I think it might be possible to give someone an employability score – with only a limited shelf life (let’s say two years) which could give some kids a real lift on their journey into adult life – quite aside from the motivation for young people and leverage for change in schools it might provide.

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