Was I worried?

My heart missed a few beats this weekend when I found my Learning Log appeared to have been deleted. That’s 728 posts over a three year period and nearly 150,000 words.

Part of me was philosophical about it – “I’ll just need to start again” and the other side was more irrational as if I’d lost a close friend.  It showed me that my Learning Log has become something which sustains and informs my practice – without it I think my working life would be strangely one dimensional.

Anyway panic was eased this morning thanks to the good offices of David Gilmour – our edubuzz guru in East Lothian – who dragged it back to life from a recent back-up. Apologies to anyone who made recent comments as they have disappeared, as have a couple of newer posts.

Was I worried? ?????…………………….you betcha!

5 thoughts on “Was I worried?

  1. A friend asked me a little while ago if I had back up copies of my blog posts and I’ve been meaning to ask David about this for a while! Very recently I started writing posts in Word and saving a copy that way but this disappearing act has focussed my mind somewhat. If you were worried, I was too when there was my latest post, gone.

  2. @gpm: In answer to the question you’ve been meaning to ask: the whole edubuzz blog system’s database (sites, posts, comments, links and user data) is backed up before the start of each working day. On Monday all the uploaded files (e.g. images and Word docs) are also backed up.

    If you want to, you can use Manage / Export to make a special WordPress-format file that contains all your posts, comments etc as a personal backup. That won’t include the uploaded files, so if you want a belt-and-braces approach you might want to keep a separate backup of these. As you’ve uploaded them, you’ll have had copies.

    The risk of data loss is managed by the use of a server with two disks, each of which has a copy of the data, to protect against disk failure.

    All the backups are retained, so your blog could be restored from any working day of its life.

    And if all else fails, I see you’re being swept up by the Internet Archive. That will give our descendants something to amuse themselves with on a rainy afternoon. 😉

  3. I’d hope that – were my blog to go “the way of all flesh” – I would be philosophical. The value, for me, lies in the crystallisation that reflection and writing bring to otherwise inchoate thought. The essence lies in the process – the product is a luxurious by-product.

    I hope that this does not come across, in any way, as ungrateful. This view refers solely to my own scribblings and not to the many extra facilities which pupils access regularly.

  4. Don
    I was a little worried about your blog as well as I checked it for a few days and got nowhere. Like you I have come to view my blog as a log of my journey and discoveries as well. I do regularly check your blog for your thoughts, activities and challenges. Glad to see you back!

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