Law Breakers

Law Primary School HMIe Inspection Report was published last week.

In what was an oustanding report a highlight of good practice was the use of technology to support the learning and teaching process: 

Effective use of ICT

Staff wanted to be more innovative in their use of ICT. They created a school blog to provide information on all aspects of school life and to encourage a regular dialogue between home and school. Staff worked closely with the local authority ICT team to set up the site and then took on responsibilities for maintaining it.

Pupils were given a key role in providing the content. Pupils at the upper stages displayed and gave an account of their achievements and the range of activities that they had taken part in. Across the school, pupils used the site to provide feedback on school events. At P6 and P7, a pilot programme for homework was introduced with homework tasks and links to helpful educational sites posted on the blog.

The blog also helped parents to keep in contact with their children who took part in the P7 residential trip and let them know about the daily activities. Development and use of the blog has helped to promote pupils’ language, ICT and independent learning skills. It has also proved to be a highly effective way of highlighting and celebrating pupils’ achievements.

Such recognition is just reward for the hard work of teachers (must mention Sandra McNiven here) and our ICT and education team.  It’s examples of collaboration such as this which has a direct result in improving the quality of childrens’ experiences that make all that effort worthwhile.

I can’t finish without mentioning the Pencaitland Primary School report which was released at the same time – another outstanding school. One of the common features of both of these schools is the quality of leadership. Both Neil Barnes and Freda Ross give space, encouragement and support to their colleagues which creates a culture where teachers have the confidence to lead developments in their respective schools – the results speak for themselves.


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  1. I was really interested in your post on improvement planning from a wee while back. When you did all this reviewing did you come up with a set format/sheets for completion by establishments?

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