Edutopia: it’s a small world.

My good friend Mark Walker, Principal of Elsternwick Primary School, Melbourne, has one of the most interesting and stimulating blogs on education written from a school leader’s perspective.

It was Mark who alerted me to Edutopia through one of his recent posts on Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s recent speech on educational revolution in Australia.  There was one extract from Rudd’s speech which jumps out at me from across the other side of the world:

I want school principals to have the autonomy to make more staffing and salary decisions at the local level, to tackle local problems like poor literacy and numeracy.

It’s when you read educational perspectives from throughout the world that you begin to realise just how small a place it really is and how the problems, which we sometimes think are unique and insurmountable, are the same problems facing education systems 12,000 miles away.

Aye, it’s small world.

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