Task and Coordination Meetings: Learning from each other

I met this morning with two senior colleagues from Lothian Borders Police.   We were considering how we can get the most out of  Getting it Right for Every Child meetings.  These sessions take place on a monthly basis and involve 20+ people who represent various services, agencies and multi-agency groups all concerned with the GIRFEC agenda and who have a role to play in delivering our Integrated Children’s Services Plan.

One of the problems with such a large group is that it struggles to be either strategic or operational.  It was whilst pondering this point that my colleagues described the TAC meeting used in the police service.  TAC or Task and Coordination meetings have a very specific function – I suppose very much in line with “what it says on the tin”, i.e. it allocates, monitors and coordinates action, or tasks. Apparently no minutes are taken at such meetings, only points for action, and what discussion there is focuses upon barriers and solutions.

In some ways this chimes with something we have explored in the department (Task Management Tracker)before but perhaps it’s just the solution we’ve been looking for to make our monthly GIRFEC meetings more focused upon action.

The interesting thing for me in this example is that joint working doesn’t just benefit us in terms of closer working but that we can learn from our different experiences and operational practices – whilst recognising that not all aspects easily transfer from one sphere to another.