East Lothian – A Space to Grow


Check out the above video.  I can’t seem to embed it but it’s worth watching. It was used at our first Challenge for Change Conference for all East Lothian Council managers back in April.

It certainly captures something of the magic of East Lothian and the varous communities which make it such a vibrant place.

We held our second such conference on Wednesday entitled A Space to Grow. I think all of us present are committed to improving the service we provide to the people of East Lothian.

The key to the conference was the feedback from the 5 themed working groups which looked at:

Each of these working groups made recommendations which have an impact on ‘the way we work’ in the Council in future, and each presentations can be accessed via the links above.  Additionally, the overall key messages from the conference will be able to be viewed on video soon, and will be posted here.

A few surprises were planned over the course of the day using a series of theatrical vignettes, which generated lots of discussion as well as time for reflection.

Overall, ‘Challenge for Change 2: A Space To Grow’ was a fascinating event, which served as a launchpad for several new ways of working in the future.

Now its time for action…

Check out the associated blog for mor info’.