Using Logic Models – Getting it Right for Every Child

 Logic Model Children's Services

We used the Logic Model this week to translate a 10 page Action Plan into a much more coherent and user friendly model (with the exception of some of the acronyms).  It really does work!!!


Where services for children, young people and families are delivered in a well integrated, seamless manner it will result in positive outcomes for them.

For effective integrated working to take place professionals need joint training, clear protocols and consistent leadership.

There will be occasions where single agency working will be the most appropriate response

There may be resistance to integrated working due to factors such as budgets, attitudes, previous experience, inconsistent leadership messages or lack of time.

External Factors

  • New Government initiatives
  • Recommendations from significant case reviews
  • Policy changes
  • Budgetary pressures
  • Inspections potentially moving from multi-agency to single agency models (HMIE to SWIA) post Crerar