Logic Model for Curriculum for Excellence ADES Implementation Partnership

Logic Model ACFE

The Curriculum for Excellence ADES Implementation Partnership is a bit of a mouthful but it is a group initiated by the Association of Directors of Education Scotland (ADES) and supported by the Scottish Government to support the strategic implementation of A Curriculum for Excellence.

The Partnership will meet eight times over the coming year with a wide representation of partners who all have a key stake in supporting the successful implementation of ACfE. 

If you click on the above graphic you should be able get an idea of a possible model of implementation – although this is only intended to initiate discussion in the first instance – hopefully we can develop a more representative view of this process than my own stumbling effort.

Nevertheless, with the intention of providing some substance for discussion with colleagues I will flesh out the model over the following posts.  Comments and suggestions are welcome.

The posts will cover:

Situation Analysis

Assumptions and Risks

External Factors






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  1. I am surprised that there has been no feedback on this model. This is the sort of thing that the more task-oriented colleagues in my school would wish me to produce (as DHT Curriculum), but it would intimidate others! Is this model operational at the moment? Has anyone used it as a planning tool?

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