Tam O’Shanter?


I recently accepted an offer to perform my version of Tam O'Shanter to P6 and P7 pupils at King's Meadow Primary School.  Having explained the tale I acted it out using an ancient Scottish dialect.

And the lesson is? - never perform with children, or people carrying video cameras!

12 thoughts on “Tam O’Shanter?

  1. Fabulous!

    The better lesson is, examples of people willing to give it up and let it go and give their all are incredibly empowering to an audience. Any audience. But especially kids.

  2. The obvious enjoyment of the children and the adults alike says it all! Those children will never forget the day Mr Ledingham did Tam O’ Shanter for them. I stand in admiration once again.

  3. Thanks all. I really enjoyed the chance to work with kids again. It’s what our job is all about and it’s sometimes too easy for someone in my position to forget that.

  4. OMG!! Twas a fantastic performance – had me in hoots!!
    A brave man indeed for placing it on the www!

  5. Don
    I’ve seen that swagger before although it was after a few wee ones and after watching the performance and not understanding one word ………. well I thought……..I had to go in search of what a Tam O’Shanter is – thank goodness for wikipedia… it’s a Robert Burns Poem and a famous one to boot. You get my vote for an acting award.

  6. Absolutely brill – the fancy footwork reminded me of Michael Jackson but the performance was better!

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