What underpins our approach to implementing a Curriculum for Excellence in East Lothian?

1. We shall work with others to ensure that East Lothian’s future economic prosperity is based upon an education system within which the population as a whole will develop the kind of knowledge, skills and attributes which will equip them personally, socially and economically to thrive in the 21st century. 

2. We shall reduce the difference in the educational outcomes of those learners who are from more economically disadvantaged backgrounds and their other classmates.

3. We shall give ownership of curriculum for excellence to practitioners, as it is recognised that sustained and meaningful improvement should, to a significant extent, be shaped and owned by those who will put it into practice.

4. We shall give schools substantial freedom of action within a framework of agreed goals and outcomes to vary the courses and to offer programmes which best address the needs and characteristics of their local community.

5. We shall regard attainment and achievement as essentials not alternatives. Both are essential to the future success of individuals and of our society and economy as a whole.

6. We shall regard self-evaluation as the foundation for improvement. Self-evaluation should not be seen simply as more effective monitoring by managers but as the commitment of a staff team to reflect and improve.

7. We shall actively seek the participation of other stakeholders in the self-evaluation process at a local level. This involvement will be a key factor in the successful implementation of curriculum for excellence, i.e. young people, parents, employers, community members, etc.

8. We shall actively and rigorously seek to gather and share useful information about each individual learner’s progress throughout his or her educational journey in order to be confident that each learner is achieving fully.

9. We shall make optimum use of the time and expertise available for professional development in order to achieve better experiences and outcomes for learners.

10. We shall link the four capacities of “responsible citizens”; “successful learners”; “confident individuals”; and “effective contributors” to a sustained commitment to ensuring that every learner is “employable” and ready take a positive next step into society on leaving school.

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  1. (There always needs to be ten!!)

    Were these developed in partnershop with practitioners? And if so, have they been shared with teachers in the Authority eg by a poster or similar? Just asking!

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