– GLOWing?

I’ve been using Google Docs for a few weeks now – thanks to David Gilmour – and I’ve been hugely impressed by it’s potential and simplicity.

Here are two videos – the first explaining Google Docs and the second showing teachers and school principals describing it’s potential.

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  1. Don,

    Glad you like Google Docs! It’s great to have such an easy way of collaborating available to us – expecially now that there is an Edubuzz version available to schools.

    I’ve been dabbling with pupil-pupil and pupil-teacher collaboration using Google docs for a while now – the possibilities are endless. Currently, my Higher pupils keep (and share) their revision notes and even submit homework using Google docs! (When the virtual dog doesn’t eat it, of course!!!)

    I’ve also started experimenting with the Edubuzz version of Google sites with an aim to having a departmental website that can be edited by teachers and added to by pupils. This is nothing you couldn’t do with a blog, but with the added bonus that you can easily embed teacher and pupil google docs within the website.

    Early days yet, but you can see how it’s going at

    I have to say, having recently got access to GLOW, I am very disappointed so far. I’m way more excited about the possibilities of google docs for e-learning than the (almost amaturish in comparision) national intranet service.

  2. This is great. Since you posted, I have used it to share documents that I am working on at home and at school, inviting other relevant staff to join in. Microsoft have a version of this going but it is much slower. Thanks for it.

  3. What are your thoughts about the recent security concerns around the service? Do a web search for “google docs security” to see what I mean. Is it an issue?

  4. There’s a gathering number of document share sites suchb as Google, Slideshare and Scribd. Right now I upload documents at Goodle Docs and thereby save disk space on my lap top; for me it’s a simple filing system, but take this process as far as you can; all school documents off site, all worksheets, homework sheets, revision notes, self assessments and powerpoints shared. …..The potential for schools or school clusters to specialise in producing suites of documents for all to use, with a consistency of standards. How does this affect Glow? Will it increasingly be overtaken by open source functions like this?
    What computer hardware is best to support mass use of shared document sites?
    As ever with new applications;- questions, questions….

  5. and why does it mess up pagination (sp?) when you download a document you uploaded then worked on….? That meant I had to begin again. Pretty frustrating.

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