An ambition fulfilled?

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Our youngest boy set off for New Zealand in November last year to fulfill a lifetime ambition to play rugby in New Zealand.

Well things have turned out out for the best and his team HSOB won the Canterbury Metro Premier Colts (under21) Championship on Sunday.

That’s him standing fifth from the right with his mouth wide open and his hand in the air!

He gets home next  Wednesday – can’t wait!

3 thoughts on “An ambition fulfilled?

  1. At the other end of that journey from you Don with Louise going off tomorrow and she’s just realised she’s lost her ticket from Bangkok to Chiang Mai! Aarggh! Parenting’s hard work!

  2. Your son looks like he has had the most brilliant time. The photo’s full of energy, friends, fun. It’ll be hard to settle back down to a Scottish winter. I hope he has a safe journey home. What a glorious reunion it will be.

  3. Lucky you! Another year to go before ours returns. I am happy for her as she’s having a wonderful time, and developing in so many ways, but I miss her so much.
    As Sheila says, parenting’s hard.

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