Curriculum for Excellence – what’s it all about?

Here’s what we are trying to achieve through Curriculum for Excellence in East Lothian:

Long term outcomes:

1. To contribute towards the creation of a more successful country, with opportunities for all of Scotland to flourish, through increasing sustainable economic growth.

2. Improve the achievement levels of all children and young people in comparison to national and international standards

3. Reduce the achievement gap between children of different backgrounds within schools.

A Curriculum for Excellence – what will it mean for my child?

1.  We will give your child the best possible start by working in partnership with you to develop their enthusiasm and confidence as learners, e.g. pre-school, nursery, and early years of primary school.

2.  We will work together to ensure that your child is literate by the end of P6  (if a child can’t read by that age their ability to access the rest of their curriculum is severely limited).

3.  We will ensure that your child develops confidence and competence in numeracy in all parts of their curriculum.

4.  We will maintain a strong focus on your child’s health and well-being throughout their school career.

5.  Your child will get the chance to personalise their own curriculum to enable them to follow their own interests and passions.

6.  We will recognise and encourage your child’s wider achievements – both in and out of school.

7.  We will create a secondary school curriculum that builds upon your child’s primary school experience.

8.  The first three years at secondary school will focus upon ensuring that your child has developed a set of skills for life, work and learning which will make them “employable”.

9.We will create an upper secondary school curriculum which will enable your child to have a much greater chance of maximising their success in formal qualifications, preparing them for further academic work, or leading them directly towards employment.

10. We will ensure that your child’s upper secondary school experience is “outward” facing to prepare them for joining society, their local community, higher/further education and the world of work.