The Day After Tomorrow

Day after tomorrow!

I had to set off on a three mile hike through a blizzard this evening to pick up my son who couldn’t get the car home. He was only wearing jeans and a T-shirt!

As I left home our other son suggested that I looked like Denis Quaid who set off to rescue his son in the film “The Day After Tomorrow”.

If he was any sharper he’d cut himself!

1 thought on “The Day After Tomorrow

  1. I went to bed on the Tuesday evening after an exhausting day of the annual S6 panto and the roads were clear, I woke up to catch my flight to New York to find it was ‘The Day after Tomorrow’ and after I waded through the snow to get to the airport my flight had been cancelled, people were crying and shouting and I came home hoping to fly now fly out on Christmas Day! lovely snowy Christmas indeed!

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