4000th comment – thanks

Just noticed that Peter Morris’ comment was the 4000th I’ve received since August 2005.  When you think I’ve only written 866 posts that equates to 4.6 comments to every post – which is a very healthy average. 

I find it incredibly useful to receive comments – even if they appear negative – as they help to shape and sharpen my own thinking.  I’m sorry I don’t respond to as many of them as I would like but I will try to rectify that with the next 4000!

I’ll leave the last word with Peter as he captures something about what it is I’m trying to achieve:

“As this is an interactive forum, and as Don identifies in his blog, there is not a single point that aCfE raises for discussion.
I think that it is clear that Don believes all opinions need to be listened to if we are to ensure the greatest amount of support possible in meeting the challenge of implementing aCfE.”

Thanks Peter, and thanks to everyone who has taken the time to leave a thought on my Log.