“Do not see my disability as a deficit”

I visited Ross High School’s additional support department today. The department provides education for East Lothian children who have a range of severe and complex needs.

The department was recently inspected as part of the school’s HMI inspection and received a very positive report.

The team – so ably led by Fiona Cooper – and supported by head teacher Dorothy Bartholomew, are incredibly committed to providing a worthwhile educational experience for every child and young person.

The school really go the extra mile to include every child who can benefit from mainstream class inclusion – as do all schools in East Lothian.

My visit reminded me of a wonderful encounter I had a few years ago with Norman Kunc. Take a look at

Kunc’s second video is even more powerful

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  1. I believe that every teacher in East Lothian should spend some time at either Ross High ASN base or the Hub at Sanderson’s Wynd. The demands of every day life there are huge and staff do a wonderful job in supporting each individual pupil.

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