Dr Harry Burns on “Support from the Start”

Photo of Dr Harry Burns

Dr Harry Burns

This powerful video shows Dr Harry Burns, Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer, speaking at length about early intervention and East Lothian’s joint Support from the Start development.

He was the speaking in the Brunton Hall, Musselburgh, at the invitation of Musselburgh and Inveresk Community Council, who kindly shared this recording.

Dr Burns speaks for the first 45 minutes of the video.

1 thought on “Dr Harry Burns on “Support from the Start”

  1. I found the video very interesting and informative with regard to the healing process of individuals from deprived areas and understand how the levels of stress is significant to an individuals health. Dr Burns was very clear and kept the information interesting. I agree that early intervention is the way forward and educating mums to be and new mums with this information will help them take action on good parenting. Most individuals will agree that the environment from which you come from makes a huge difference in later life.

    Thanks I enjoyed this video.

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