Edubuzz – half a million page views in one day! is a learning network for learners in East Lothian, Scotland.

Set up by David Gilmour and Ewan McIntosh in 2006 it opens a window onto education in East Lothian, and enables a wider range of learning approaches, by providing staff and learners with some extra low-cost tools for web publishing, collaboration and communication.

It currently hosts over 1000 blogs for over 2500 registered users. The system is owned and managed by East Lothian Council Education & Children’s Services, and used by staff and students in the county’s 40 schools and central offices. Users also include parents and staff from other services.

Usually visits to the eduBuzz server are around 10,000 to 15,000 per day. During the snow closures we saw it reach 25,000 visits per day for the 5 closure days.
Last week it reached a new peak of 37,623 visits and served over half a million (545,479) pages in 24 hours.