The Miracle of Cursive Writing

I visited Windygoul Primary School, Tranent this morning. In the course of a great visit where I met with parents, members of staff and watched a lesson, I bumped into Avril Herriot a P6 teacher who was putting some children’s writing up on the wall.

As we talked she explained to me how her pupils were using cursive writing and was tremendously enthusiastic about the difference it was making to their ability and confidence in writing.

I was impressed by what I saw but as I was walking away form the class she chased after me and showed me how it had impacted upon one particular pupil.  These two pieces of work are 10 months apart. What I witnessed can only be described as a miraculous improvement.

Example one (June 2011)

Example 2 (January 2012)

As difficult as it might be to believe these two pieces of writing were really written by the same person. Wow – now that’s what I call teaching!


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