Educational Leadership Metaphors

I’ve started a small piece of research using Twitter  – the hashtag is #leadershipmetaphors

I’m asking people to identify the predominant metaphor they would use to describe effective educational leadership. I’ll run this through until the 27th April.

The score so far is:

Ship’s captain 2

@Mary10478: Captain of the ship: an eye to the horizon; navigate dangerous rocks; steady in storms; motivate crew; be brave far from harbour

Architect 1

Marathon Runner 1

“@johnoneill13: Marathon runner not sprinter.

Diplomat 1

Farmer 1

Theatre Director – 1  Has a clear idea of the overall structure & works as an ensemble with the actors to create the best end product

Master baker 1

Conducter 1

Jazz band leader 1

@realdcameron: It has to be the band leader -like Prince, brings the vision and imagination, lets the band take it on and can still pull it together if it goes off

Air traffic controller 1

“@atstewart: Air traffic controller. (Don’t like word controller) but allowing take off providing safe space as well as safe landing fits.”

Master Builder 1

Tour Guide 1

Submariner 1

“@KarDoh: I like the concept of the submariner – sometimes you can cruise along + enjoy the sunshine but mostly you need to explore deep down”

Virus 1

Gardener 1

Lens 1

2 thoughts on “Educational Leadership Metaphors

  1. Another consideration – Master baker.
    Requires top quality ingredients used in an efficient and masterly way to make a
    special cake,scone,trifle or whatever.
    My grand father was a Master Baker for the Co op during the war.
    I, his grand daughter am HT in Primary.
    You need quality ingredients used in a creative,innovative way
    to be an effective, educational leader.
    Folks will be keen to get their hands on your recipe.

    Just another consideration for your metaphor list.

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