Blended Learning


I met Wendy McAdie this morning from Jewel and Esk Valley College.

We met to discuss how we can support adult and community learning access to our schools. Evening access can be sorted with a service level agreement between each school and the college, which is supported by a clear policy which we’ll take to the Education Committee for ratification.

Of even more interest was how we might promote adult learning opportunities in the school day and school curriculum. The current system is fairly ad hoc and is dependent upon the adult contacting the school and being proactive.

The challenge for schools is how they ensure that access for adults which:

  • doesn’t interfere with children’s learning;
  • doesn’t present any significant expenditure on their part; and
  • doesn’t compromise pupil safety.

We explored how we might develop a more professional approach in much the same way as colleges currently charge for adult access to Higher courses, schools might be able to set a fee.  Wendy’s going to explore this with the Executive and other authorities.

The last item on our agenda was how we might develop a combined e-learning approach towards access to courses. This chimed very neatly with the issue I touched upon yesterday in response to John Connell’s recent post.  JEVC are exploring using moodle – something which East Lothian Council is also developing. There might be a real opporunity here particularly if we were to link up with Queen Margaret University – who are definitely more advanced of both of us in terms of delivering e-learning.

I like the potential of some our students being able to access their curriculum in a blended learning approach, i.e. through face-to-face contact with teachers/lecturers; through e-learning; through group seminars; or through work experience.  The construction of the blended learning approach might vary from student to student.  Such an approach might enable students to follow very varied programmes of study – which would extend well beyond the existing curriculum.

I’d love to hear some parental views on this.

Exc-el Parental Roadshow


We held an Exc-el Open Group meeting this evening.

We discussed the permission forms which parents will be asked to sign to enable their children to participate and have their images displayed on school websites.

Christine – AKA guineapigmum – suggested that it would be good to speak to school boards about blogging/use of images/learning through the web.  The idea quickly developed into a Parental Roadshow which we intend to offer to each cluster group in the summer term. 

We thought me might be able to link this with the associated developments surrounding the Parental Involvement Bill

The evening might look something like this:

  • start with a presentation by teachers, parents and children relating to how they use the web.
  • Followed by a “come and try” session.
  • Rounded off by an opportunity for questions and answers

This might prove to be a popular event and enable schools to draw more parents into involvement whilst also reinforcing  cluster identity.

Who wants to go first?

Community Learning and Education Links

We held our first of three seminars today to explore links between Community Learning and Education.  What was striking was that there are so many existing links between community education – in all its forms and our schools.

Community Learning and Education Links

Museum Service

The Museum Service support many curricular projects – they even offer a mobile service such as this display at Dunbar Grammar School.

Campie Romans

The museum service supported Campie Primary School set up their own exhibition on the Romans.

Active Schools

The Active Schools programme supports one primary school and one secondary schools active school co-ordinator in each of our communities. Our sports development unit promotes and develops sports in all our schools with international level coaches.

Eats Lothian Ranger Service

The East Lothian Countryside Ranger Service work closely with schools on a wide variety of environmental projects.

River Days

The Countryside Rangers set up this river survey for Wallyford Primary School.

Family Learning

The Community Learning and Development Team have arranged a number of school based family learning days which have been exceptionally successful.