3.6.13 Fleur de lis stencil prints

We printed Fleur de lis designs today by making our own stencils as we are designed an invitation for our Sports Day.  We found out that ‘Fleur de lis’ means ‘flower of the lily’ and was used by French and English kings and noble men.  We thought this would be good to use on our invitations as our Sports Day team names are going to be named after castles.

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20.5.13  More Monoprinting – Coat of Arms

We continued our work with printing to make Coat of Arms.  We learned that Coat of Arms date back to Roman times when Roman soldiers used them to recognise different legions.  We looked at different designs and used tissue collage to colour our Coat of Arms before printing on top.

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We made some monoprints of castles today, looking at the lines and shapes that we find within different images of Castles.  We experimented with getting enough ink on the glass printing plates and the prints have turned out really well!

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Portrait work

3e have been working on portraits over a number of weeks.  We looked at proportions of the face using charcoal and then we did a self portrait, thinking about what we might do when we’re older.  We also looked at the work of Alexander Nasmyth an 18th Century Scottish Artist who did a famous portrait of Robert Burns.  We used oil pastels to study this famous work and create our own portraits of Burns.

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  1. Susan Mowatt says:

    These art projects all look wonderful!

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