Artist in Residence

18.6.13 Making felt clouds

Today was our last Artist in Residence session with Ross Coombe.  First, we went outside to have a lie down and look at the clouds in the sky and think of  words that best described what they looked like.  We also talked about all the colours that we could see in the sky.  Ross then got us to work with sheeps wool and use ‘carding’ tools to brush and stretch the sheeps fleece so that we could felt it on bamboo mats.  We added some of the colours that we had seen in the clouds and sky outside.  Because we had to make the wool wet to felt it, we hung them up to dry on the washing line – they look beautiful!

4.6.13  Mapping Dunbar

Today we spent time looking at Google Earth and maps of Dunbar and thinking about how we could work as a team to map out Dunbar.  We had to think about scale and how to make marks on the map using graphite sticks and pencils.

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Artist in Residence – Ross Coombe

28th May – Insect Cities

Today Ross worked with the class at making Insect Cities.  We used lots of natural materials from the beach and woodland to create homes for insects that we might be familiar with.  We had lots of fun thinking up ideas of what we could do with our insect homes and how to use the materials.  We had some fantastic ideas – jewellery boxes for Ants, driftwood slides for beetles, shell tunnels for worms, seaweed cups and many more unusual ideas.  Can’t wait to see what we’re doing next!

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14th May – Pocket Globes

3e had their second workshop with Artist Ross Coombe yesterday.  They are doing art projects based around the theme and work of John Muir.  We made ‘pocket globes’ out of softplay balls, masking tape and a variety of media such as pen, soft pastels and oil pastels.  They were really fun to make and look fantastic.  We were thinking about animals that migrate and how unusual it was for someone like John Muir to have travelled to America in the 1800’s.

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