I would like to say a huge ‘Thank you!’ to all the Garden Club members who have helped to get the club off the ground!


We have made homes for insects to keep them warm through the winter months.

We have also had fun making bird cakes which we will be hanging up in our school garden next week.  If you would like to help keep the birds fed this winter, try the recipe from the Royal Horticultural Society (see below):

What you’ll need

  • Fat – use suet or lard (85g)
  • Good quality wild birdseed
  • A handful of raisins
  • A handful of peanuts
  • Some grated cheese
  • Bowls and wooden spoons
  • Apron
  • Yoghurt pots with holes in the bottom threaded with string

What to do

  1. Put the fat in a bowl and leave in a warm place to soften, near a radiator will work.
  2. Place all the other ingredients into a big bowl.
  3. Chop up the fat into small pieces and add to the other ingredients in the bowl. You can mix them together using a wooden spoon or your fingers.
  4. Ask a grown up to make a hole in the bottom of a clean yoghurt pot. Double the string, tie a knot at the end and thread through the hole so that the knot is on the inside and the loop is outside the pot.
  5. Put the mixture into the yoghurt pot or make into balls. Put the bird cake into the fridge to set. And then put it in your garden for the birds to enjoy!