Update 9 November 2018

Expansion Update

On Monday and Tuesday staff will be moving into the new rooms, students will access the new building from Wednesday 14 November. Building work will continue in the front area of the school until Christmas.

We will be having our official opening event on Saturday 26 January.

Our plans for Wednesday 14 November

  • All students will attend registration and this will be extended for periods 1 and 2. 
  • Students in S1-S3 will take part in various activities.
  • Students in S5/6 should use this time for study.
  • During this time all students will be taken for a tour of the new facilities.
  • From period 3 students will be able to access the new part of the school.

New Toilets in the Extension

The toilets in the new part of the building have been developed with a specification common in other secondary schools and major public facilities in Scotland. The cubicles are enclosed from floor-to-ceiling to provide complete privacy. A row of sinks down a central dividing wall further splits the space.

The pre-existing, designated toilets will remain available in other parts of the school building, giving students a choice of facilities.

Feedback on this arrangement from the staff teams, pupils and many within the Dunbar community has been positive.

Contacting Guidance Staff

During our move into our new building you may experience difficulties in contacting our Guidance Pupil Support team on Monday and Tuesday.

In an emergency, please contact the school office who can take a message for a return call or put you through to a member of the Pupil Support team.

S3 Moral Issues Unit

Students in RME are studying ‘Assisted Suicide’ this term. If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to call the school Guidance Department.

School Photographs

Proofs and order forms for S1/4/6 photographs have been distributed this week.  The group S6 fun photo is also available to order from the school office. Please can orders be handed in to the office by Wednesday 14 November.

Poppy Scotland

We have been offering poppies to students and staff.  All donations have been received and passed on to Poppy Scotland. We held a minute silence on Friday for Armistice Day.

Study Clubs

Please see our study support and revision clubs leaflet: 2018-19 Study Clubs booklet

School Calendar 2018-2019

Please find a copy of our school calendar: 2018-19 Calendar

Information Update (URGENT)

We still have several outstanding Seemis forms, which are required to be checked by parent/carers, updated as appropriate, signed and returned, with email addressesWe also need the Emergency Closure form.

We also have several outstanding PC1s which were due back for each student; copies can be downloaded here: Blanket PC1

Developing the Young Workforce

The DYW Working Group is hosting a S3 Apprenticeship Awareness Day on Tuesday 27 November 2018 from 9.40am – 2pm.

Apprentices will share their career journey, a typical workday, education requirements, details of the apprenticeships their organisation offers and more.  This is an opportunity for students to speak with someone whose career choice interests them and to explore areas they may not have considered before.

Please contact Mr Maxton at rmaxton@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk if you have a business or have a contact the school could use and would like to contribute to our day.

DGSA Christmas Fair

DGSA are holding a Christmas Fair at DGS on Thursday 29 November.   The fair will be from 7pm to 9pm in the Assembly Hall.  Donations for the raffle would be appreciated; please can they be handed in to the school office?

S2 Activities Week

Returns for Activities Week are now due back S2 Activities Week Letter.  If you have any queries, please contact Mr Maxton at the school.


Local Events:

Dates for Your Diary

Please note that there are no Assemblies next week

S4 Work Experience Mon 12 – Fri 16 Nov
Digital day for some S3 students Tues 13 Nov
Children in Need Fri 16 Nov
DGSC Meeting Tues 20 Nov
AH Modern Studies Prison Trip Tues 27 Nov
S3 Apprenticeship Awareness Day Tues 27 Nov
Girls into Physics Trip Wed 28 Nov
DGSA Christmas Fair Thurs 29 Nov

Common Secondary School Day

On 12 June 2018 a paper was presented to Cabinet seeking approval to undertake a feasibility study and consultation on the introduction of a Common Secondary School Day and potential resultant benefits for Primary education. A feasibility consultation document has now been prepared and a feasibility consultation has commenced.

East Lothian Council Education Service would like to hear your views on the feasibility consultation, which will run until Sunday 11 November.

More information can be found, along with an online survey, on the Consultation Hub by following the link below:


Cycling to School

We are very keen to encourage as many students as possible to walk or cycle to school.  Please encourage all students cycling to school to wear appropriate headgear and clothing.  During the dark winter months, it is particularly recommended to wear reflective clothing and to use bike lights.   It is our school policy that all students must dismount from their bikes once entering school grounds.  There are bike racks in front and at the side of the school, to which bicycles should be padlocked.  The school will investigate any problems, but cannot accept any responsibility for any damage or loss.

Please encourage your son/daughter to give careful consideration as to where and how they ride their bikes and encourage them to be polite to and mindful of pedestrians in the wider community (for example no student at DGS should be cycling on the pavement or doing wheelies on the main road!).

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