Update 26 April 2019

Study Help for Senior Students

Exam Booster Sessions

Exam booster sessions have been organised to help with revision. Please see the timetable: EXAM BOOSTER SESSIONS

English Revision Packs

Due to the range of texts which are taught in Nat 5 and Higher English, there will not be English Booster sessions. However, all students have either been issued with revision resources or have resources available on their Google Classroom.

The Learning Resource Centre (Library)

Our new Learning Resource Centre is available for senior students to use for study during term time from 4-5pm Monday – Thursday. Students will need to sign in at the school office to use this facility.

Common School Day

A reminder that we will move to the common school day from Monday 3 June 2019.  Below is a reminder of the new period times:

Home to school transport changes for the common school day will be published on the 20 May 2019. The reason for this is to stop any confusion with the existing routes/services and link with the new bus pass program. Any questions can be directed to transportservices@eastlothian.gov.uk

For Parents / Carers of S1 Pupils – Expressive Arts S2 Electives

S1 pupils will be asked to make choices for their S2 Expressive Art Electives.  They will do this in class with their teachers.

Please refer to the attachment for further information about the Electives, and the choices available: S2 Expressive Electives

Bus Use During Study Leave

Pupils are able to use their bus passes any time between 7am-5pm- this will only allow them to take one journey to school and one return, so they will be able to come to school later and finish earlier.

SQA Exceptional Circumstances Consideration Service

This SQA service supports candidates who have been unable to attend an externally assessed timetabled examination, or whose performance in an externally assessed timetabled examination may have been fundamentally affected as a result of an incident beyond their control. The service exists to support only those candidates who have suffered an exceptional circumstance, such as bereavement or a medical condition. If a student is unwell on the day of an examination and cannot attend, a note from the Doctor must be obtained and the school informed immediately.  It is always recommended that a candidate sits the examination where possible. Sitting the examination does not exclude the candidate from having an exceptional circumstances request submitted on their behalf.

If you believe that your son/daughter is eligible for this service, please contact Mr Offer on the school number ON THE DAY OF THE EXAM.  If you have any question or queries, please contact Mr Offer. Please see the documents below:

Study Leave

Any student who wishes to study in school during this period must sign in and out at the school office for a minimum of half a day at the following times:

  • Beginning of school day
  • Lunchtime
  • End of school day

Any student signing in to study is required to wear full school uniform.

Please note students who are coming in to school for an examination are not required to sign in or to wear school uniform.  Equally, they should not wander around the school between examination papers, unless they have arranged a meeting with a member of staff.  Please note also that members of staff may not be teaching in the same areas due to changes in timetable and development tasks, and it is, therefore, always advisable to make an appointment with members of staff in advance.

Staff Update

This week we welcomed the following members of staff:

  • Jennifer Robinson, Full Time Permanent Teacher of Maths
  • Ellen Spinner, SQA Chief Invigilator

We also say farewell to:

  • Eric Easton, Teacher of Biology
  • David Swanson, Music Instructor, who retired at Easter.

S1 Fun Run

S1 students will be doing a Fun Run on Monday 29 April as a healthy way to start the Summer term.

Each student will receive a Saltire Award Challenge certificate for taking part.  This is a non competitive run so students do not have to get changed into PE kit and they will have the option of walking the route.

S4 Students Who are not on Exam Leave

Students will be following the programme attached: S4 Non Exam Leave Programme 2019

DGS Sport and Active Schools

Here at DGS we value parent’s feedback to all school matters and we would be very grateful if you could complete the short DGS Sport and Active Schools survey. Please click on the link below:


Schoolpay is an easy and convenient way of paying for school meals and school trips. See below for details of how to sign up:

Other News/Information

Assemblies next week

  • Monday – S1 in Games Hall
  • Tuesday  – S1 in Games Hall
  • Wednesday – S2 in Games Hall
  • Thursday – S3 in Games Hall


A reminder that the full balance is now due.

S2 Activities Week

A reminder that this should have been paid in full. Please contact the school urgently if you have an outstanding balance.

Dates for Your Diary

May Day Bank Holiday Mon 6 May
Battlefields Group 1 Sun 12 – Fri 17 May
Battlefields Group 2 Mon 13 – Sat 18 May
Activities Week Mon 13 – Fri 17 May
In-Service Day Mon 20 May
S3 Ceremony Tues 28 May
New Timetable starts Mon 3 June
New S5 Induction Day Mon 3 June
New S6 Induction Day Tues 4 June

S5/S6 Induction Day and New Timetable

Monday 3 June and Tuesday 4 June mark the official end of examination leave and are Induction Days for the new S5 and S6 students respectively.

During these days students will be given information about their new timetable and will be required to sign a school contract, which identifies our expectations of them, and expectations they have of us.  Students will also have the opportunity to apply for prefect positions, and in the case of S6 students, to apply for the senior prefect posts of Head and Depute Head Boy and Girl.