Update 27 March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Free School Meal Update

From Wednesday 1st April 2020, all children registered for and requesting Free School Meals provision for the current period of COVID-19 School Closures will be provided with a Weekly Lunch Pack. These lunch packs will be delivered to the home address of registered pupils. Parents who had previously arranged to collect Free School Meal entitlement from Children’s Hubs will have their Weekly Lunch Packs delivered to their registered home address instead. Free School Meals registered children who access emergency childcare at one of our Children’s Hubs will continue to be provided for there.

Easter Holiday Period – Free School Meals

Weekly Lunch Packs will continue to be delivered to registered pupil’s home addresses until further notice, including the planned Easter Holiday for schools.

Those children who are registered for Free School Meals and have been accessing a Children’s Hub Childcare place in response their additional support needs, will have a Weekly Lunch Pack delivered to their home address for the Easter holiday period. Provision will then revert back to the Children’s Hub from Tuesday 21st April 2020.

Kind regards,

Nick Trussler, Quality Improvement Officer, East Lothian Council

Virtual Mental Health Week
Please find attached a message from our Head girl and Head boy , Georgie Cross and Thomas Leitch about Virtual Mental Health week this week:
Please see the attached letter containing the latest SQA update, and answers to some commonly asked questions:

Start the week by viewing this week’s assembly on the right of the screen

Dear DGS Community

This week the Friday email is taking a different format.  We are keen to show the array of work which has been taking place across our Digital community, so we have collated this in one PDF document – enjoy!

Please remember to keep in touch and contact us at admin@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk

Have a lovely weekend and take care

Claire Slowther, Head Teacher