Update 11 September 2020

Face Coverings 

We have been really impressed with how our students have adapted to wearing face coverings in communal areas.  We have a supply of single use disposable masks which we can issue to any student who has forgotten or lost their face covering.

We have noticed that over the past few weeks the number of face coverings we are issuing on a daily basis is increasing significantly. This is predominantly involving S1, S2, S3 students who have reusable face coverings at home, but are not bringing them into school. Furthermore, as a school in a Zero Waste town, we are committed to reducing single use materials.  We would like to urge students, where possible, to use a reusable fabric covering.  Our Pupil Support Faculty has a supply of these which they can issue.  Students just need to ask their Guidance teacher for one.

Update from the Sport & Physical Activity Co-ordinator

This year DGS Sports Club sign up is slightly different due to the current Covid pandemic. We are looking for all students to sign up to Sports clubs via East Lothian BookingLive system.

For all DGS Sport info please head to: https://www.edubuzz.org/dunbargrammar/dgssport/

For any questions on any Active School clubs please email smarnoch@elcschool.org.uk

Parent Council Meeting (DGSC)

On Monday 14th September at 7pm we will use Google Meet to host a video conferencing Parent Council (DGSC) meeting.

If you would like you be part of this meeting please email parentcouncil@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk  and a meeting invitation link will be sent to you.

Staffing news

This week we were delighted to welcome Mr Matthew Corfield, teacher of History and Modern Studies.

We also said farewell to Mrs Morag McEwan.

PE Lessons

Following the latest national guidelines, all PE lessons will remain outdoors until further notice.

Energy drinks

A reminder to students and parents/carers that energy drinks such as Monster are not allowed at DGS and will be confiscated.

Please encourage your son or daughter to not buy these drinks as they negatively affect concentration in class and have high levels of caffeine and sugar which are very unhealthy for young people.

Social Media

Younger students have been using a social media platform called YOLO available on mobile phones. Students are using this app outside of school. The app allows students to ask what their friends think of them and the responses are anonymous. As you can imagine, the mental health of students is being directly affected by the comments they receive online from their friends and peers, who would never consider saying the same things to their face. This behaviour is also affecting learning as students focus on the drama of social fall-outs rather than their learning in class. We would encourage all parents and carers to discuss this with their son or daughter and oversee the removal of the app.

S3 Modern Languages

S3 students are selecting their Modern Languages option for the rest of S3.
Students are choosing between continuing with the core German course or a unit called Modern Languages for Life.
Please see the attached PowerPoint slide for more information and discuss the options with your child:

The current Modern Languages options for S4 students are: short course Nat 4/5 German and long course Nat 4/5 French or Spanish.

Guardian Summary Set Up

From today S1 parent/carers can sign up to receive guardian summaries from all their child’s Google Classrooms. More information and full instructions are here: Guardian Summary Setup Letter. PLEASE NOTE: Your son /daughter must give their consent before we can enable this feature.

Google Classroom Codes

Please see the attached for the classroom codes for Google Classrooms: Google Class Codes

Well Done to Duke of Edinburgh Students

This week Dunbar Grammar School received a Social Contribution certificate from Duke of Edinburgh Scotland. This shows the incredible impact that the award has had on young people and the wider community. Well done to all students involved, and thank you to the staff who support the scheme!


Contacting members of staff

If any parents and carers need to contact a member of staff, they should email admin@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk

We kindly ask that parents and carers do not contact teachers directly via their edubuzz email addresses.

Reminder – ALL Art and Design Students 🙂

Given the current pandemic and the restrictions we have in place to ensure everyone is a as safe and healthy as can be; we are giving all of our students the opportunity to purchase their own materials pack for personal use both in class and at home. Due to the practical, hands-on, nature of our subject we have a high level of material and resource sharing amongst all of our students. Offering students the opportunity to purchase individual material packs is one of our measures to minimise risk.

Details are all on your child’s Google Classroom for ordering the S1-S3 BGE pack and the S4-S6 Personalised Senior pack!

Mrs Cairns, Principal Teacher of Expressive Arts.

Trophies from Session 2019-2020

If you received a trophy last year, now is the time for it to be returned to the school office.

Information Update

Packs have been going home with students containing a PC1 and an Annual Data Check form which is required to be checked by parent/carers, updated as appropriate, signed and returned. Packs will contain photo permission forms, email consent forms and school closure forms if we do not hold a copy on file.

If you have no email address, it is essential that you inform the school. Where this is the case, the weekly email information is automatically updated on our website.


We now have an “Attendance” inbox for parents to email with student absences/appointments. Please email attendance@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk

Other Information