Update 25 September 2020

Digital Support

The Scottish Government recently announced funding of £30 million to support Local Authorities to provide digital devices and/or the internet to young people at school who may require support with digital access to learning from home.

We have used Scottish Government Guidance to identify young people at Dunbar Grammar who fit the criteria to be offered a device to support home-learning and we will be writing home to parents/carers, in the next week, of those young people whom we have identified.  Devices will be available to identified students from October. These devices are Chromebooks as they support the Google platform in use by East Lothian Council (ELC) schools. Students may be asked to hand their Chromebook in periodically for software updates and to ensure they are working effectively.

As the device is owned by East Lothian Council, the young person will be asked to return the Chromebook back to Dunbar Grammar as and when they leave school. During the period of loan, students will be expected to look after their device and use it for educational purposes only, as per ICT User Guidelines.

Please refer any questions to the dgspupilsupport@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk mailbox

Music Lessons

The school has spaces open to students who would like to undertake guitar and bass lessons. These lessons are open to pupils from all year groups. They are free for pupils taking any National course in music https://www.eastlothian.gov.uk/info/210557/schools_and_learning/12379/instrumental_music_service

Please see this excellent video of our guitar tutor Mr Day showing some of the different styles that you could learn. Please speak to the music department if you are interested in lessons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9akyifyvE7E Thanks!

Google Classroom Codes

Please see the attached for the classroom codes for Google Classrooms: Google Class Codes

Guardian Summary Set Up

S1 parent/carers can sign up to receive guardian summaries from all their child’s Google Classrooms. More information and full instructions are here: Guardian Summary Setup Letter. PLEASE NOTE: Your son /daughter must give their consent before we can enable this feature.


All students who have access to Scholar were emailed their login details this week.  This is a valuable resource that is incredibly helpful with revision.  Not every subject is available on it, you can check which courses are available here:  https://scholar.hw.ac.uk/why.html#availableCourses

If you have any queries then please contact the school.


E-Sgoil is an online learning resource available to senior students.  See the leaflet below for further information.  Senior students have been issued with their Glow usernames and passwords.

Update from the Sport & Physical Activity Co-ordinator

For any questions on any Active School clubs please email smarnoch@elcschool.org.uk

Information Update

We still have outstanding PC1s and Annual Data Check forms which are required to be checked by parent/carers, updated as appropriate, signed and returned. Packs also contain photo permission forms, email consent forms and school closure forms if we do not hold a copy on file.


We now have an “Attendance” inbox for parents to email with student absences/appointments. Please email attendance@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk

Other Information