Update 2 October 2020

Home Learning

This week in assemblies Mr McBride has been talking to our students about learning through adverse times. As circumstances beyond our control continue to have an impact on all of our lives, it is important that we all do whatever we can to prepare for our learning despite the current uncertainty.

To that end we have asked that all students ensure they take the following steps:

  • Ensure that they are in all relevant google classrooms and know how to access and submit their work electronically should they be required to do so.
  • Use the resources on their classrooms if they are absent from school and well enough to continue their learning from home.
  • Take opportunities to consolidate their learning from class by completing homework, reviewing notes and classwork regularly and discussing their progress with their teachers as necessary.

As well as the above, senior phase students should pay particular attention to the following points:

  • The first tracking window for S4/5/6 students begins on Monday 5th October during which teachers will discuss their current working grade, based on current performance to date.  This working grade represents a projection of the likely grade that would be achieved at the end of the course if current performance is sustained.
  • Over the coming weeks, teachers will discuss working grades with students and give clear strategies for improvement which will be included in the report and should be acted on by students.
  • All classwork undertaken could potentially be used in the weighting of a teachers judgement on working grades and therefore students should make sure every piece of work counts.
  • To help close knowledge gaps or catch up with missed work, students should take advantage of the wide range of opportunities on offer to them to support their learning including:
    • Use of online resources and live tutorial sessions (Such as Scholar and other subject specific sites that staff can recommend).
    • Attend after school study clubs run by their teachers (full list is available here ).
    • Make good use of any study periods by planning their revision and ensuring they meet course milestones and deadlines.

The key message from Mr McBride this week has been that every achievement throughout all of human history began with the decision to try.  Despite the constraints we are all living and working under, we can all still make that choice.  We are already so proud of the commitment our students have shown to their learning and the resilience they continue to display in the face of difficulty and we are completely confident that together we will continue to RISE through this time of challenge and uncertainty.

Keeping Children and Young People Safe

As our young people get back into the school routine, Child Protection Scotland, Barnardo’s Scotland, Police Scotland and NSPCC Scotland are working together to encourage everyone to keep an eye out for children who may have experienced neglect or abuse during lockdown. The key message is ‘it’s better to say something than do nothing’.

If you have concerns about a student at DGS, please see their website https://www.childprotection.scot/  or  email dgspupilsupport@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk

DGCS Parent Council AGM

The Parent Council AGM will be held online on Monday 12 October at 7pm and will be followed by the ordinary meeting at 7.30pm.  The agenda for the AGM can be read here: DGSC – AGM Agenda 12th October 2020

Achievement & Attainment Awards Event

This year’s Event will be filmed in groups, following the school’s COVID-19 measures, edited and screened to the whole school on Friday 16 October. Unfortunately parents and guests will not be able to attend but will be able to view it via the school website at their leisure.

Letters have gone home this week to students who are receiving awards.

Stars of the Week

We have launched an initiative where students and staff can be nominated for a Star of the Week award based on how they represent our RISE values – Respect Inclusion Support and Effort.

The winners for this week are below:


Ellie Galbraith (Support)

Ms Galbraith is the member of staff who inspired this initiative.  Last week a student burst into Mrs Slowther’s office desperate to give Ms Galbraith a positive referral as she was so impressed with how she got to know her class so well so quickly – she said  ‘she can even remember everyone’s names!’.

Another student said ‘ Miss Galbraith has helped me a lot with homework and being able to understand the work we are doing and motivating me throughout the cross country block of PE’

Ms Galbraith supports staff throughout the school as she has brought The Secret Friend to DGS and we are so grateful for it.

Cassie Gaughan (Support and Inclusion)

The students and staff said

‘Ms Gaughan is the first teacher that comes to mind when I think of RISE. She is always striving to include everyone in everything and is a teacher that I trust with support’

‘she never ignores any of her students no matter how much they’re carrying on and will always find a way to include them’

‘An incredible pillar of support to colleagues and students alike. She will always go out of her way to ensure people are listened to and cared for’.


Sam McInnes (S1) EFFORT

Sam has only been in the school for a short period of time but has really thrown himself into the school community in every way possible! Every morning in registration he makes sure the entire classroom is clean and tidy, he has started cello lessons and went busking to raise money for charity over the September weekend, he really has given his all to all clubs as well and in general puts 100% into everything he does. What a star!

 Rowan Robertson (S5) EFFORT

Rowan set an alarm for 2am this week to watch the first Trump/Biden debate and watched all 1 hour and 45 minutes of it. That is true dedication to Politics!

Digital Support

The Scottish Government recently announced funding of £30 million to support Local Authorities to provide digital devices and/or the internet to young people at school who may require support with digital access to learning from home.

We have used Scottish Government Guidance to identify young people at Dunbar Grammar who fit the criteria to be offered a device to support home-learning and we will be writing home to parents/carers, in the next week, of those young people whom we have identified.  Devices will be available to identified students from October. These devices are Chromebooks as they support the Google platform in use by East Lothian Council (ELC) schools. Students may be asked to hand their Chromebook in periodically for software updates and to ensure they are working effectively.

As the device is owned by East Lothian Council, the young person will be asked to return the Chromebook back to Dunbar Grammar as and when they leave school. During the period of loan, students will be expected to look after their device and use it for educational purposes only, as per ICT User Guidelines.

Please refer any questions to the dgspupilsupport@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk mailbox

Google Classroom Codes

Please see the attached for the classroom codes for Google Classrooms: Google Class Codes

Guardian Summary Set Up

S1 parent/carers can sign up to receive guardian summaries from all their child’s Google Classrooms. More information and full instructions are here: Guardian Summary Setup Letter. PLEASE NOTE: Your son /daughter must give their consent before we can enable this feature.


If you have any queries then please contact the school.


E-Sgoil is an online learning resource available to senior students.  See the leaflet below for further information.  Senior students have been issued with their Glow usernames and passwords.

Update from the Sport & Physical Activity Co-ordinator

For any questions on any Active School clubs please email smarnoch@elcschool.org.uk

Information Update

We still have outstanding PC1s and Annual Data Check forms which are required to be checked by parent/carers, updated as appropriate, signed and returned. Packs also contain photo permission forms, email consent forms and school closure forms if we do not hold a copy on file.


We now have an “Attendance” inbox for parents to email with student absences/appointments. Please email attendance@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk

Other Information