Update 16 October 2020

Awards’ Ceremony

We’d like to thank all the students and staff who have made this possible. A tremendous amount of work has gone into putting this together and we hope you enjoy it. A massive congratulations goes to all of our Award winners:

We couldn’t quite get squeeze everything in,  here are some links to some further sporting achievements we would like you to celebrate:

If anyone would like a copy of the programme, please email admin@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk

Letter from Lesley Brown, Head of Education & Children’s Services

S1/2 Parents Evenings

We would usually have parent/carer consultation evenings for S1 and S2 students in the Autumn term.  Due to the current restrictions, we have made the decision to postpone these until Term 3 (After Easter).  Tracking reports will still be issued  in early December for both year groups.

However, we recognise the importance of offering an opportunity for parents and carers to engage with school during the next term.  Therefore, we have decided to host an online information evening for parents and carers of S1 and S2 students. This will take place on Tuesday 10th November from 7pm – 8pm on Google Meet.  The event will be hosted by the leadership team (Mrs Slowther, Mr Offer, Mr Maxton and Mr McBride).  Parents and carers can submit questions in advance and suggest areas which they would like to hear about.

If you would like to attend this could you please email dgsnewsletters@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk with the following information

  • The name of your child (in S1 or S2)
  • Your email address (which the invitation to join the meeting will be sent to)
  • Any questions you would like to have answered or any topics you would like to know more about

A Reminder about PE Kit

All students should be bringing a change of kit for all PE lessons. This consists of a change of top, bottoms and shoes.

With the winter weather starting to set in, it is important that all students have the appropriate clothing for taking part in PE outdoors. We will be continuing with PE outdoors in line with the Scottish Government guidelines. All students are encouraged to bring a jacket as well as a change of top, bottoms, shoes and socks to ensure they dressed appropriately for the conditions we may face.

If you have any questions about this please contact Mr Sutherland (PT HWB).

Stars of the Week

The winners for this week are below:


Amanda Davidson (Support and Respect)

Nominations from students and a member of staff

  • ‘Always the teacher I can speak to for my problems at school or at home’
  • ‘She has put in lots of effort in to answer all our questions’
  • ‘very nice teacher, who is always willing to give a lending hand’
  • ‘She is a really respectful teacher’
  • ‘She’s an immaculate teacher and allows to express our opinions and ask questions in a safe environment without judgment’
  • ‘She always answers all our questions and lets us learn far more than just what is taught’
  • ‘She is very understanding and respectful and always helps her students no matter what’
  • ‘Pupils speak very highly of Miss Davidson – she is super supportive to staff and pupils alike’

Gail Martin (Effort)

Nominations from students

  • ‘Because she has to get all the food sorted for all the classes in hospitality and HFT and there is a lot to do with in a day’
  • ‘Mrs Martin is always really friendly’


Tabby MacAllister S1 (Effort)

 ‘Tabby produced an incredible video as part of her Maths homework.  She explained the rules of Texas hold’em.   She included the probability behind the game and explained that it is not a game of luck and chance but a game of maths! Her presenting skills were amazing – take a look (you may need to view in Chrome) https://tabbymac.com/texas’

 Morgan Laird S4 (Effort)

‘Consistently putting in maximum effort in National 5 PE in both practical and theory, very supportive of other class mates.’

S3 RME – Euthanasia 

After the October Holidays all S3 RME classes will be moving on to the topic of Euthanasia. If there are any concerns regarding this topic please speak with your RME teacher or contact Mr Sutherland (PT HWB).

Dunbar Junior Hockey Camp

  • Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd October
  • S1 – S3
  • 09.30 -15.30
  • Cost £40
  • For information call@ Graham on 07816446913

Google Classroom Codes

Guardian Summary Set Up




Please email attendance@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk  with student absences/appointments.

Other Information